Clinic with Sandi Chohany!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mt. Hood Equestrian & Event Center, Boring, Oregon

 A format to please both auditors and riders…

  • Have you ever ridden with a clinician who asked, “What shall we work on?” and you wanted to reply, “Gee, what do you see that you can help me with? What would be the best use of our time together?”
  • Have you ever read the cryptic comments on your test and wondered just what the judge was trying to tell you? If only she could come out of the box and show you!
  • Have you ever audited a clinic and been frustrated because you couldn’t figure out quite what they were working toward nor really see the progress?

Sandi Chohany is an ‘S’ Dressage judge, avid competitor and enthusiastic instructor. She has taken 14 horses of several different breeds and backgrounds to Grand Prix; she understands how it’s done and how to teach it. Recently, she lamented that, “One of the most difficult things about judging is seeing a good rider that you know could be so much better, and score so much higher! There’s something fairly minor, and you know that if you could just spend 30 minutes with her, she could fix it.”

So we decide to give her — and you! — that opportunity. It’s ‘ride a test’ at a whole new level, and we think that both riders and auditors will enjoy this format!

Clinic riders will first ride for Sandi in Spring into Dressage to be held Friday & Saturday, March 7 & 8 at Mt. Hood. Equine Video Productions will tape one of your rides.

Then on Sunday…

8:00AM… Riders and auditors gather in the café for breakfast. We’ll watch the competition videos of the four morning riders while hearing the actual comments and scores they received. We’ll listen while Sandi consults with each rider to decide exactly which movement(s) they will focus on during the clinic ride.

9:00AM… We all adjourn to the arena. Riders will each have a 45-minute lesson with Sandi (live microphone), at the end of which they’ll repeat the targeted movements in the context of the test and we’ll all hear the new scores and comments.

12:30PM… Lunch in the café. Repeat for the afternoon riders!

 Rider fee… $130 includes meal + DVD of one show ride, yours to keep!

 Please sign up early! If sufficient entries not received by March 1, the clinic will be cancelled.

 Auditors… $20 per session if postmarked by March 1; $35 for all day!

 Morning fee includes breakfast; afternoon includes lunch.

 After March 1, ask Kaye about ticket availability.


To register… mail check payable to Cascade to Kaye Phaneuf, 9377 S. Barnards Rd, Canby, OR, 97013 or sign up on your Spring into Dressage show entry.

 Questions? Contact Kaye at (503) 880-3892 or Phaneuf@Canby.com


Refunds: auditor, full refund until March 1; rider, full refund less $20 service charge, but only if we are able to fill your slot from waiting list.

~~ clinic sponsored by Cascade Arabian Sport Horse Club ~~